Friday, 12 December 2014

Mum for sale

Dec 8, 2014 8:07:19 AM.jpg
Answer the following:

1. Why did Jess and Max want to sell their mum?To get a new helicopter

2. List all of their mum’s good points Dancing singing roaring Yummy's cupcakes and telling stories

3. In the end, Jess and Max wanted their mum back explain why They wanted their mum back because she can Dance, sing roar like a lion bake yum cupcakes
and tell stories

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

End of the year reflection

My end of the year goal was trying to push forward with maths,reading and writing and sports.Well my goal was to get higher and higher at these subjects for 2015 for year 6. My favourite part of this year that I’ve learnt was the Point England way’ To use my wits and Learn Maori and to run faster. My goal this year was to reach up to everyone in class in reading and mostly maths well just a little bit but the best part is my education is getting a little higher I’m slowly getting there just because i’m always playing up at home and at school but still this is the year I’ve ever had.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Auckland Art Gallery

P1 On Friday Class 9 and some other year 5 students went to the Auckland Art Gallery. We went by bus.When we got there the doors weren't open the windows were shut we thought that when we get there it will be open.
P2 When we got there we put our bags and stuff away. Mandy the art worker took us to the studio we had to tell a story using pictures and symbols.My story was about a rugby tornatment It was about the day when my dad had his frist game.After we drad’ed our pictures we had to paint them.’’Everyone finish draing we lined up and went too morning outside the gallery.
P3 After we had morning tea our group went to look around the gallery. First we went to the Learning Centre.At the learning centre there was and big sreen t.v That when you look through it you can see your body  even if you dance.There was 3.D shape’s with colours inside them if you put them togeter it will turn into 3.D It looks like you are cyclobes. In the learning centre there’s a game the makes sounds If you see it looks like an X box.]

P4 After we have look around we went to the lego Section we had 15 minutes and we were making I didn't realize that I was building a shop .After the lego we went tollite and then went to go have some lunch.After lunch we went to go look around again after a few minutes we went to go and do some art work.The artwork was about this young women and young man went to This cave they meet this guy with a garlic on his head and a old lady after the artwork we went  back outside and went on the bus and went back to school.