Tuesday, 28 March 2017

My plan for-My most favourite thing to do

Writing - Explanation Feb 2017

Hi people this is my results from my writing test. I know i've should of done better but hey everybody's still learning. I used good Structure and having relevant ideas i had good vocab and making great sentence. Hope like it.

Writing - Explanation Feb 2017

Pt England School
First name
How old
Home room: 3
Lit - Tele’a


Ideas: ideas are clear and beginning to show complexity (list and explains)
Structure: lacking in clear introduction through to conclusion.  More like list of good ideas
Organisation: lists ideas but lacks grouping of these to be R4
Vocabulary: uses words and phrases to add interest and information
Sentence: similar to exemplar - when I
Punctuation: correct, lacks experimenting with more to be R5
Spelling: No real difficult words attempted

Rugby club


I think School is a special place to go to because we need education in our lives. Without School there is no place to be taught well home is where you learn to. School is a special environment it has all the things you need. School is like a little tiny space of life to learn and have a better future. In school we have teachers. We have them to guide us to the best path and to help us succeed in life. School is an an area which people who like to volunteer to help us. School helps to do the right thing like to be thankful of what we receive it doesn't matter if it’s yuck or yum ,big or small ,or if your teacher is strict and the other teacher isn't. I like school because of the fun and enjoying stuff we do here I like being at the top of a group not at the bottom. Getting a high commendation at school can lead to a neat job in life and a better future.
How far you do and how high you get the chances why you would be there is because of school. Schooling is a better place to be it helps you learn to be responsibil independent and learn many other skills. School would be the safest place to be getting hurt not a problem ,doing well great ,getting in trouble well almost there. School helps you to become more of yourself strengthen your talents become a leader do what you do not what other people do.

It’ not my choice for you to go to school.

Monday, 20 March 2017

My Role model

Mums are the best gifts that god has provided for us.

My mum is a great example because she tells us what's wrong and right
She tells me to be a great example to the young ones. She tells me that I know what's wrong and right.
Firstly my mum helps me get to school on time and always worries about me.

Secondly my mum helps me out with my homework and makes it easier for me.

Mums are great they help us succeed in life and enjoy on with our journeys.

Friday, 17 March 2017

The Polynesian Pacific Festival.In ninety community creating change.

Off to Polyfest was the next year of celebrating many cultures such as Samoa ,Tonga , Niue and many more. This is part of our learning because to learn about many cultures around you and to understand why is polyfest important to us?

The Aorere college students were very helpful to show us around the place and taking us to the next stations. On our first activity we went to the proud pacific babba group. We were in 5 groups of 6 our one was called hi 5. We had to learn what is prosurity means.

On our next activity we went to the tent of te wananga o Aotearoa. It was a dance competition against half of the team. And that was the last activity of our trip well finishing we were moving on to the stages.

The first stage we went to was the diversity stage. This is where the Indians ,Fijian Filipino ,chinese ,Korean performed it was sollid. Moving on to the maori stage. It was awesome because around the maori stage there were a lot of free stuff to do we got hats from the firemen stop a and answering all of these questions.

And at the end of the day we all pack our stuff and headed back for school. So consider you to someday go to polyfest and show of your culture.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Visual Mihi 2017

This is my 2017 Visual Mihi. On the top right corner is a rugby player it's part of me because i love playing for clubs ,teams and for the pacific teams. On the bottom right corner is a Tongan flag with a different drawing in the front of it. On the top left corner is a Niuean flag its part of me because it's my culture.And on the bottom left corner are 2
people ducking.