Monday, 28 August 2017

Friday's speech competition

Friday was the day of the annual speech competition. 3 finalist from each literacy class will say there speech. Three best confident speakers will contest into school assembly.

The most thoughtful speaker that was appealing to me was Seini ,she made good communication with the audience and had great eye contact with all the audience. She had good sentences and great points.

I liked how she gave us more knowledge about culture and how it good help me learn. I think i should be like Seini she is a good example to me.

This is my writing about the speech competition. I strongly vote for Seini.


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  2. Hi Thaisoni,
    I enjoyed you short but sweet reflection about our speech expo last Friday. Also, thanks for writing about my speech I hope that this would actually help you to know more about your culture or your language. I am not quite good at speaking in my own language but I try my best. Does my speech help you with your oral language?

    Your sincerely,