Thursday, 12 April 2018

Camp Adair

At camp there was one particular thing i really liked ,was when we had to build a raft. I found it challenging working with team mates. It was fun because we learnt how to build a raft and what to do if we were lost in the middle of the sea. To be honest i didn't really wanna go to camp ,but i should of just said thanks for the opportunity.  With building the raft i just loved how we worked as a team and knew what we were doing. I loved the person who was teaching us how to build it ,he was very nice. For a thought there i think camp was average i don't really like leaving home ,but anyways it was pretty fun. My highlights were camp item that was the best part for entertainment and laughter. It challenging for me to sleep near people and leaving my stuff there thinking that someone will take some of my clothes. For me as a student of Tamaki i think that i begun to learn about different things and to  Conquer my fears. The year nines for next should bring more clothes due to water activities and raining days ,they should remember to bring covered shoes and a hat for safety reasons.
(9KRO Class of 2018)

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  1. Great advice for the 9 next year Thaisoni, I am glad that you appreciated the opportunity to attend camp Adair.