Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Story Of Tamaki Makaurau (in my own Words)

         The Story of Tamaki Makaurau 
                  Tamaki Makaurau is the Maori name for Auckland.

Long ago there once lived some people called the Patupaiarehe. But they did not get along so to avoid getting into fights they splitted apart. One of the tribes (Iwi) lived in Hunua ranges down south and the other tribe lived on the other side out west on the Waitakere ranges ,so they were out of each others way. On some nights two young members from the tribes will often play a game. They would sneak out and race quietly to the other (iwi) to get a token and show there friends they been there. On one night Hui (Waitakere son) came home with nothing in his hands ,the other youngsters started teasing him for not coming home with nothing. So the next night Hui ran again but didn't return home with the rest of the boys ,so they became upset and angry and telling each other they should of take,n, good care of him. When the rangatira found out that Hui didn't return home with his fellow friends he was angry and demanded war to happen but so as they saw to people walking towards them it was Hui holding a young beautiful. So instead of bringing back a token he brought her. Hui's father was delighted and begun to ask questions he ask what was her name ,she replied 'I am Wairere the daughter of Hunua. When the chief heard that his daughter was over at the Waitakere ranges they came marching down hard at Waitakere. So Waitakere took magic out of the earth and cast over them and they began to fall down one by one. After he open the hole underneath the ground the god of volcanoes and earthquakes Appeared and was angry at Waitakere. And that's the story of Tamaki Makaurau.  

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