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My Matilda Post


1   Write the right names in the sentences.
a  Mr Wormwood is a small, ratty-looking man.
B Matilda is a clever little girl.
c   is an ordinary little boy.
d  is a librarian.
2   Answer these questions.
a   What can Matilda do at the age of one and a
half ? Stay Tidy.
b  What can Matilda do at the age of three?
        Look after herself.
c  What can Matilda do at the age of four?
Act like an adult.
d   Why does Mrs Phelps watch Matilda with
surprise and excitement?
   She answers a long digit number without having to count.
       Because she was like her when she was young she was very bright to.
e   Why doesn’t Mr Wormwood want Matilda to read books?
       Because he thinks books are dumb and she's a dumb girl. And wants her to be normal and watch T.v
3   Discuss these questions with another student. What do you think?
Do you think Mr Wormwood is a good father? Why or why not?
   Yes. Cause a father just acts like that because he loves her ,he just growls her because he loves her.
4   Discuss these questions with another student. What do you think?
Which do you prefer – watching TV or reading? Why do you feel this way?
   Both ,because T.V tells you information about stuff that learn in Social Studies and it also tells you to read about the article.
5   Are these sentences right (3) or wrong (8)?
    I don't Know. Maybe they are or they are not.
a   Matilda’s parents are busy doing things  R
that aren’t important.
I think Matilda was lucky to have parents in the first ,cause without them she would´ve been an Orphan or a person who had even worst adopted parents. She wouldn't even had went to school.
b   Matilda doesn’t look at the pictures in  
the books.
She tries to concentrate on the words
c  Matilda’s father buys and sells cars.
      For Money.
d  Matilda’s father is an honest man.
        No. But does everything for matilda.
e   Matilda’s father drives cars backwards for
thousands of miles.
I don't know.
f   Matilda wants to watch TV with her family.
       No she breaks it with her eyes.
g   Matilda puts glue around the inside of  
her father’s hat.
Because he was disrespecting his father.
h  Matilda cuts the hat off her father’s head.  
        No. Her  mum does.
i   Fred lives very close to Matilda
j   Matilda borrows a parrot from Fred.
6   Discuss these questions with another student. What do you think?
Do you think it is right for children to watch TV All the time? Why or why not?
No because getting too much information from cartoons will damage your brain. Watching to much T.V will Damage your eye site.
7   Draw a picture to illustrate what happens in Chapter 3. Leave this one

8   Answer these questions.
a   How old is Matilda when she goes to school
for the first time?  6 and Half.
b   How many children does Crunchem Hall
have? 250
c   How many other children are in Matilda’s
Group? 4
d  How old is Miss Honey? 27
e   What is fourteen multiplied by nineteen? 266
f   How many children in the group can spell the
word cat ? There was no sense for that.
g  How many miles are on the clock of Miss Trunchbull’s car? 1
h  How old is Hortensia?I don´t know
i   How many times was Hortensia in The Chokey in her first year? I don't know.
j   How old is Bruce Bogtrotter? 11
9   Match the questions with the answers.
a   Why does Matilda start going to school later
than other children? Because her father makes her bring in his boxes from work.
b  Why does Miss Honey try to stay calm when Matilda multiplies twelve sevens? Cause she was astonished.
c  Why does Miss Honey go to see Miss Trunchbull? To tell her to put matilda up a grade.
d  Why does Miss Trunchbull like Mr Wormwood? Cause he's got a mean car.
e   Why does Miss Trunchbull think Matilda is a
bad girl? Cause her father said.
f   Why does Miss Honey go to see Matilda’s
Parents? To tell them how bright she really is
g  Why doesn’t Mr Wormwood want to see Miss Honey? Cause he thinks she might be with the FBI.
h  Why does Miss Trunchbull put children in The Chokey? When she thinks there bad.
i    Why doesn’t Miss Trunchbull like Amanda’s
Hair? She doesn't she think its for pig.
j   Why does Miss Trunchbull make Bruce Bogtrotter eat a cake? Because she thinks he ate her cake.
   k Why isn’t Bruce Bogtrotter hurt when Miss Trunchbull hits him with a plate? I don't know.
l   Why does Lavender put a newt in Miss Trunchbull’s glass of water? 1
1    Because she wants to be as brave as Matilda.  
2    Because she doesn’t want to show that she is very surprised.
3    Because she wants to make them understand that Matilda is very special.
4    Because she thinks he ate her cake.
5    Because she wants to punish them.
6    Because she wants to tell her about Matilda.
7    Because he is too full of cake.
8    Because he is watching TV.
9    Because her parents forgot to send her.
10  Because she believes that he sold her a good car.
11  Because it is very long.
12  Because Mr Wormwood told her this,

11  Make lists.
Write down five things that good parents do and five things that bad parents do.
  •   They care for her.
  •    They gave her a house and a bed.
  •   She learnt how to cook.
  •   They do special things for her on her birthday.
  •    They took her to school.
  •     They treat her bad.
  • Father thinks she's a bad kid.
  • Brother treats her bad.

12 Answer these questions.
a   What question does Miss Trunchbull ask Rupert?
   I don't know.
b   What word does Miss Trunchbull ask Eric to
c   What does Miss Trunchbull call Matilda
A swine.
d   How old was Miss Honey when her father
3 years old
e   How much does Miss Honey pay to live in
the little house?
The owner rent it to her for very little money.
f   Who is Miss Honey’s aunt?
Miss Trunchbull.
  g   What does Matilda do with the piece of
Throw it at Miss TrunchBull.
h   Why does Miss Trunchbull leave the village?
Because the kids kick her out of school.
i    What arrives at the office?
j    What happens to Matilda at the end of the
She gets adopted to Miss Honey.

13 Write down how you feel when …
a   Miss Trunchbull catches Wilfred’s feet in her
b   the piece of chalk starts moving across the
The Chalk was moving slowly. So it looked like it was fake.
c   Miss Trunchbull falls to the floor.
d   Nigel pours water over Miss Trunchbull.
e   Miss Honey gets her house back.  
f   Mr and Mrs Wormwood let Matilda live with Miss Honey.

After viewing
15 Look up the word impossible in your dictionary. Lots of impossible things happen in Matilda. Write the things down. When you have finished, compare your list with those of your classmates.
16  What do Matilda and Miss Honey say to each other when they return to Miss Honey’s house? Write the conversation.

1  Who are the people in italics ?
a   ‘We’re too good to you already, my girl!’
              I don't know.
b   ‘Shall I find you a nice one with lots of pictures in
it?’ The Librarian.
c   ‘You mean you’ve looked at the pictures.’
d  ‘I get it from the wood shop.’  I don't know.
e   ‘She was too angry.’ Maybe a student.
f   ‘You’ll pull the skin off my head!’ Mr Wormwood
g   ‘Don’t you ever stop reading?’  Mr Wormwood.
h  ‘My father gave it to me.’ Miss Honey.
i    ‘He’s always saying  that.’ Matilda.
j   ‘I want to see if you’re clever.’ Miss TrunchBull.
2  Underline the right words.
a   Matilda is older / younger than Michael.
b   Matilda reads fourteen famous books in six / sixteen
c   Matilda’s father sells cars / houses.
d  Mr Wormwood has a thick / thin moustache.
e   Matilda and her family always eat dinner in the
dining-room / living-room.
f   Matilda asks her father if his feet / head got bigger.
g   Mr Wormwood’s first name is Harry / Michael.
h   The parrot is always saying, ‘Dead man’s dinner /
supper !’

3  What are the things in italics ?
a   Nigel spelled it. It
b   ‘Mrs Phelps at the library helps me to choose them.’ Them
c   ‘I was in there yesterday.’ There
d   ‘It’s only got ten thousand miles on the clock.’ Itś
e   ‘We don’t keep them in the house.’ Them
f    ‘It’s a very tall, narrow cupboard in Trunchbull’s
room.’ Itś
g   ‘M-my m-m-mummy likes it long.’ It
h  ‘And this selfish little snake ate it !’ It
i    But Miss Trunchbull picked up the empty plate and
crashed it down on his head. It
j    ‘She never gives a lesson without one.’ One
4  Write the right words in the sentences.

angry   car dark   eggs happen orange   school shaking

a   Most children begin School when they are five
years old.
b  Matilda has Dark  hair.
c   Miss Honey’s voice is shaking when she asks Matilda about the books she is reading.
d  Miss Trunchbull sounds like Angry dog.
e   Miss Trunchbull buys a Car from Matilda’s
f   Someone puts bad Eggs under Miss Trunchbull’s desk.
g   Lavender thinks that bad people need to have
something bad  happen to them.
h  Newts have  Orange stomachs.

5   What happens first? What happens next? Write the
numbers, 1–5.
a   Matilda moves the piece of chalk across the blackboard.  b  Mr and Mrs Wormwood drive away.   c   Miss Trunchbull leaves the school.    d  Matilda pushes the glass over with her eyes.   e   Matilda asks her parents if she can live with  Miss Honey.
6  Finish these sentences.
a   Miss Honey says, ‘What are two sevens?’
b   Matilda says, ‘I didn’t do it!’
c   Mr WormWood says, ‘I want to talk to you.’
d  Miss Trunchbull says, ‘It can’t be Magnus!’
e   Mrs Wormwood says, ‘We’re leaving.’

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